Friday, June 12, 2015

Junk Drawer No More

Everyone has a junk drawer. Even me.

And every time I open it to find something, I can't. And I every time I rummage through, it gets worse. And in the end, I wind up removing it from its track, dumping it's contents out on a table, and after realizing that what I was looking for was in another drawer, I organize it.

Understandably, keeping things neat in the first place saves time and frustration and in at least one case, a broken nail on my way to an event.

So, you ask, if the organizer can't even keep it neat, what chance do I have? Point taken. So let's agree to clean it up right here, right now. What should we tackle first? Let's take care of that...

Office Supply Drawer

  • Clear a work surface.
  • Gather small containers, preferably straight sided, and sandwich sized plastic ziplock bags.
  • Remove drawer from its track.
  • Remove contents onto worktop.
  • Dust or wash out drawer. Make repairs if necessary. Set aside.
  • Sort items into categories using the containers and ziplock bags you collected. Then take it a step farther. Example: large paperclips from small, colored clips from silver.
  • Continue until everything is separated. Do not hesitate to pitch anything broken or not used. Example: pencil stub, rubber bands that are never big enough for your purposes.
  • Put containers and bags into the drawer considering what you use most (place in the front of drawer) and what you use least (place in the back of the drawer). The back of the drawer is also for "back" up supplies. Example: the box of refill staples for the stapler.
  • Slide drawer back on track considering first if it serves its purpose best there. Example: a drawer of office supplies should probably not be in the dining room unless it doubles as your home office.
Done. No grand planning, no expensive systems, no more than 10 minutes.

And with that, my favorite mantra applies:
"The organization of an entire home starts with a single drawer."

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