Thursday, June 4, 2015

Color Your World

Passionate reds, serene blues, rejuvenating greens, calm beiges, cool grays. Choosing wall color for your room project can be a daunting task. But ultimately, the color you choose must speak to you on an emotional level because more than any other design element, color provides the overall "feel" of a room.

Imagine for a moment an oversized armchair and ottoman. You are sitting down, feet up, book in hand. Now imagine that the upholstery is in charcoal gray. How does that make you feel? Now try it in sea green. Did that change your mood? Finally, what about a deep raspberry red? Which chair made you most comfortable and yet, had nothing at all to do with the content of the cushion?

It's fascinating how color affects our mood. Just consider the idea behind a mood ring. Our feelings (or the body temperature associated with those feelings) change the color of the stone. Choosing color for your room projects works on much the same principle. What color will give you the desired feeling in any given room: I'd like my bedroom to feel peaceful. I'd like my kitchen to feel energizing. I'd like my family room to feel warm.

And those colors do not have to be universal. Green may be calming to one person and energizing to another. The same could be said for most colors depending on the shade and tone, or in the case of wall paint, the finish. In fact, if you're looking to change the feel in any room but still love the color, try it in a different paint finish. A wall painted Navajo White in a flat finish gives off a much different feeling than one in high gloss.

All too often in decorating we get bogged down with rules and "supposed to's", the what's new and what's on trend. Your home is where you live, where you seek both relaxation and rejuvenation. It should be a reflection of you, your tastes, and your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to color your world in a way that puts you at your best.

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